360 - A roof garden with magnificent views and flavors in Monastiraki


After a long day at work we found ourselves in a cool and beautiful place in the center of Athens. Just above the square in Monastiraki and with a magnificent view of the citadel and the entire historic center the restaurant 360 was the ideal choice for food and relaxation.

We went up to the roof garden and the maitre accompanied us to our table. The wonderful place, the cool breeze and the view of the Acropolis prepared us for an unforgettable night… which finally was!

The waiter was very helpful and smiling. The menu shows the love of chef Ioannis Patsopoulos for Greek products and Mediterranean ingredients. The choice was difficult since all the dishes looked original and very tasty!

We decided what to order and forgot about the music and wine accompaniment… until the waiter came with the first dishes…

Basil mushrooms stuffed with oil cheese and Mytilene feta, olive soil, fig salami, arugula and yogurt mousse with pine aroma
Beetroot salad with two-tone beets, stamnagathi, hazelnut crocan, sour apple chips, goat cheese mousse and Kalamata balsamic cream

The appetizers were just as delicious and impressive… the refreshing beetroot salad, ideal for a summer evening… while the stuffed basil mushrooms are a must for mushroom lovers! With such a start we were sure that the sequel would be amazing…!

Saute brisket with a mixture of fresh herbs, savory halva with oatmeal, tomato jam, roasted zucchini, citrus sauce with jasmine aroma
Pindos Chicken free range breast in Aegina pistachio crust, fennel puree and lemon sauce
Mutton fillet with chickpea puree, eggplant cannelloni with Naxos gruyere and Mavrodafnis sauce with fresh thyme

We tried three different main dishes with three different types of meat. Whatever you like best… and whatever you choose will be a great choice. Amazing raw materials used in the best way, with love and imagination make the dishes dreamy.

And of course the dessert could not be missing in the end!

Lemon tart with Italian meringue ,, chocolate soil and lemon syrup
Strawberry souffle, flavored with mint and ice cream with hazelnut croquettes
Bitter chocolate mousse, yogurt namalaka, sponge cake with Greek coffee aroma and pistachio powder from Aegina

360 Restaurant and bar

Hephaestus 2,

Monastiraki, Athens

Monday to Friday 09.00-03.00

Saturday and Sunday 09.00-04.00

+30 210-3210006


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