90 Degrees in Gythio


In the thought of turning around 360 degrees… it is better to finally stop at 90… and go to the enchanting Gythio and the restaurant 90 degrees.

Arriving, you face a shop made with taste and you can see the traditional touches.

The famous fish soup that was the occasion to meet in this place had just been made and has made its way to our table.

As a painting with colors that stand out, it produced a visually wonderful result and very promising taste. Trying it, a wave of flavors, confirmed what we saw.

You really thought you had the whole sea in one bite in combination with the aromas of the vegetables.

The rose octopus is lying on the plate accompanied by crispy fried anchovies and delicious reddish red mullets.

A bouquet of colorful boiled vegetables in the middle of the table - properly cooked - waited patiently for the extra pure virgin olive oil to stand out in combination with the fresh juicy lemon with a sparkling taste.

If you are in the area, it is definitely worth going through and admiring the beauties of this place and tasting the delicacies of 90 degrees.


90 degrees
Winery - Tavern

Vassileos Pavlou and Tzanetaki Tzanis
Gythio, 23200

phone: 2733 025425


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