Saint Athanasios


After a very tiring day, our road ended at the famous for many people tavern Agios Athanasios in the big village of Evritania.

The cold had begun to intensify and our hunger was even greater!
As soon as we entered, two smiling girls welcomed us and made it easier for us to go to our table. Luckily it was in front of the fireplace which lit up full and the sweet warmth had spread to the surrounding tables!

The waitress brought us the menus and explained the menu.

After we ordered I was exploring the place. At a glance you could understand that they had put a lot of time and passion but also a lot of love to make this store. Each corner is separate, each object is carefully placed and studied.

I stopped noticing when the dishes started coming… so… good appetite !!!!

Boiled goat soup
Political salad
Hull lamb with potatoes
Braised wild boar with noodles
Beef with braised aubergines

Overnight… let's go to rest… The sweet warmth from the fireplace combined with the good food and the beautiful environment made us relax a lot.

Thank you !


Taverna Agios Athanasios

Large village of Evritania

PC 36100

Tel: 22370 41250

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