Refreshing smoothie


A refreshing smoothie that contains all the nutrients to recharge our batteries. Ideal for all hours of the day, refreshing, aromatic, light and very tasty.

The carrot, the medicine of nature. The richest source of B-carotene, where it gives significant benefits to the body. Its antioxidants are many, it protects the heart, cardiovascular diseases, the prevention of strokes. Helps with vision, good bowel function, strengthens the immune system, an important ally against cancer, provides us with a radiant and protected skin from the sun but also from skin diseases

Coconut milk, the top alternative to cow's milk. It does not contain lactose, and is full of nutrients such as C, B1, B3, B5, B6 iron, magnesium. Gives strength and endurance to the immune system, protects against infections, strengthens bones, and prevents osteoporosis. It metabolizes glucose in our body so that it leads us to good metabolism, and regulation of the thyroid. For women, a guardian angel of beauty, because it offers you a healthy skin, healthy thick and strong hair, moves against wrinkles and sagging skin and heals dandruff, infections, itching, dryness, wounds, etc. Coconut milk if included in the diet low calories, can lead you to faster weight loss. (Be careful of course, because 80ml has 150 calories and 13g of saturated fat).

Mango, the king of fruits! a hearty fruit wonderful in taste in aroma and with great nutritional value. Rich in B-carotene shield against cancer, it contains almost all the daily needs of our body in vitamins C, A, B, calcium, magnesium, and complex carbohydrates where they help stimulate the metabolism and thus help our body burn more calories. .

The strawberry is full of vitamins B and C and potassium, iron, manganese and a lot of fiber. Antioxidant, anti-cancer anti-inflammatory, with cardiovascular benefits, beneficial effect on vision, sugar, rheumatoid arthritis and much more.

Our precious peach! A cosmetic that is eaten.! Almost 90% is made of water which means that our skin loves it. Together with the rich vitamin A and C but also B-carotene, where it contains it makes it irresistible because in addition to our skin, it pays attention to our diet, the better bowel function thanks to the rich fiber it contains.


  • ½ mango
  • 1 peach
  • 3 ripe strawberries
  • 1 carrot
  • Or cup coconut milk


Put all our ingredients in a blender and mix them. Serve on crushed ice

  • We can add flaxseed or sunflower seeds
  • If you want you can add honey or stevia
  • It gives a wonderful aroma and taste if we add να banana inside. But then we have to pay attention to honey or stevia.

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