Detoxifying smoothie with kale and spinach


Detox smoothie with kale and spinach if you want to cleanse your body of toxins, it would be good to start your day with a smoothie that will bombard you with nutrients, minimal calories and boost your metabolism.

Our nutritious spinach is another super food, anti-cancer, it shields the heart, delays the degeneration of brain cells, gives us a glowing skin, strengthens the hair and generally fills the body with health and beauty.

 Banana, the wonderful! It comes from the Arabic word banan which means finger. The favorite fruit of young and old, favorite for nutrition, taste, aroma, but also for how practical it is in transport and storage! In a school bag, on the desk, in a fruit bowl, in the carrying bag… Banana unique, against stress, against anemia, rich in potassium, against cramps, for heartburn, physical and mental fatigue, rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, iron, selenium, zinc. What else do you want from a fruit?

 Our little milk is special. Full of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B8, D, C, amino acids, protein, calcium, minerals. It protects us from stress, stress, and calms us from a busy day. It cleanses our body of chemicals or dangerous substances and regulates our blood pressure.

The cabbage of the occupation that fed the world or otherwise kale. Known for its anti-cancer effects and with the abundance of vitamins, calcium (since it has twice the amount of calcium from a whole milk), it has potassium and in addition to its antioxidant action, it is full of protein. It shields the body's defenses, strengthens our nervous system and helps regenerate cells.

Chia seeds… super food !!! rich in fiber good fats


  • 2 cups mixed vegetables (kale, baby spinach, lettuce leaves, celery)
  • 1 banana
  • Or light milk or almond milk
  • ½ κ γ chia seeds.
  • ½ κ σ βρόμη


Put our ingredients in the blender and mix .. Serve on crushed ice.

The wonderful vegetables that were used for the recipe are from the company Karantinos SA.

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