Aromatic butters


To make a delicious dish, you need a proper, pure raw material. Butter is a key ingredient in our cooking. A proper butter, will take the dish to taste, will give intensity, and depth to the dish we will offer, our sauce will be delicate and knit.

Aromatic butter goes everywhere, in our meat in a pot or grilled, on our bread for spreading, in our boiled vegetables, in the baked potatoes on embers, but also in our grilled corn, in our fish like salmon, in snails , in our mushrooms, in our pasta to give the note we want, in our risotto, in the trachana etc

Here I will give you an idea of how you can make your own butters and get into the logic of taste, imagination because you can play with the flavors, herbs, spices and your dish with a simple movement to become more delicious, more delicate, and tighter

I will present you 3 butters that you can cover the largest range of dishes, but you can put your imagination and create your own butters with your own choices of herbs and spices.

There are no proportions, it is up to you to decide how intense you want the flavors to be. Start with sparing amounts of aromatics and you will slowly reach the level of performance you want over time.

The base for the butter must be correct. Choose a butter depending on where you will direct it (intense in taste, light, thick, etc.)

- Butter for fish, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, snails etc

Choose your butter. Let it get to room temperature. Put the butter and the herbs and spices of your choice in a bowl.

Here we will use fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, oregano, tarragon, salt, pepper, parsley, louiza, and some chives.

We mix them and with the help of the film I make a roll and put it in the fridge. That's it!! When it is tight at your disposal for additional creations !!!

- Paspartou butter (additional butter that you can enhance the taste along with the others)

Here I have chosen a moderate butter because I use it many times in addition to the rest. The ingredients that will strengthen my butter are parsley, melted garlic (or granule if you want), thyme, oregano, rosemary, salt, pepper, mustard.

 We mix them and with the help of the film I make a roll and put it in the fridge.

- Spicy butter (for meat, vegetables, sauces etc)

A butter with strong elements of spices. You can put a piece at the end of a steak on the bbq, on a grilled chicken or on the grill, tie a sauce, etc.

Here I have chosen an aromatic thick butter with a strong taste and I have added various peppers (pepper mix), boukovo, smoked paprika, cayenne, tabasco, smoked salt, garlic granule

We mix them and with the help of the film I make a roll and put it in the fridge.

Do not dwell on the ingredients and butter that I gave you. With the help of the butters and the elements that you will choose to enhance them, your cooking will take on its own character and the version of your taste will become more noticeable in your dishes.

Put a slice of butter on the roasted or boiled corn, put potatoes on the embers in winter and let the butter work its miracle ..

Put it on the bread and bake it just before serving !!! Spread your buns and make croutons for salads, soups, etc. Spread butter for a sandwich and give another note of flavor and turn it from an everyday ordinary sandwich into a special spicy… or lemonade ..or light enjoyment.

Place a slice of spicy butter on the cortexes, or on the steak or fillet,

Put a little butter on the salmon, and let the aromas of the butter with the herbs wrap around your fish and transform it.

Put the last minute on your risotto or your pasta, and let the sauce stick to the spaghetti and make it more enjoyable.

Through the simple ingredients, spices and herbs you hide the taste and the supreme enjoyment of taste.

Dare it and you will remember me. It will take you some time, it is not difficult at all, and when you start working on it, it will just become a beautiful habit and it will develop your imagination and your talent in cooking !!!

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