Banoffee with Oreo cookies


Who does not want a piece of fluffy delicious wonderful caramelized piece of banana? To melt in your mouth and a torrent of banana, mountain biscuit, caramelized sugar and whipped cream to flood you with pleasure? Very easy and if you have done the preparation of the sugar, you can do it in a few minutes.

For dessert at a table, for a birthday or celebration, for an anniversary, for Christmas, for Valentine's Day… for for… a banoffee goes everywhere !!!!!


  • 2 packages Oreo (154 g each)
  • 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk
  • 3 bananas made and tight
  • 1 pack of whipped cream
  • 80 g butter


First we start the preparation of the sweetened milk

We have 2 + 1 ways

  • The first way and the most time consuming is the following.

In a saucepan, place 2-3 spoons at the bottom and place the two cans of sugar on top. Fill the pot with water until the boxes are well covered.

Put the spoons so that the bottom does not come in contact with the bottom of the box and burn (create a petiole) in the milk. The boiling water should circulate around and below.

Let it simmer for 3 hours. Check that it is filled with water and that it is always covered all around.

Yes I know this is very time consuming but you can do it with more boxes and have them ready for next time. When boiled they can be stored in the cupboard normally (you mean without opening)

  • The second way is in a non-stick pan. 

Put a little butter on the bottom of the pan to go everywhere and empty the sugar. Stir quickly over low heat with a silicone spatula for five minutes. We are careful not to get the sugar down and the petiole is created.

  • The alternative and now the easiest and most common way is to look for it in a supermarket next to the sweetened condensed milk.

Once we have our caramelized sugar ready, the rest is very easy and fast.

Put one package and 3-4 cookies from the other package in a blender and grind them. (for a 28 cm diameter mold)

Once ground, put them in a bowl and add the melted butter. Our butter should be about 1/3 of the weight of our cookie. (ie if it is 220 g the cookie the butter will be 80 g)

Stir and spread it on the bottom of the form and one centimeter around the sides.

Put it in the fridge for a while to tighten.

Once it is ready, add the caramelized milk and put it back in the fridge.

While waiting for the cream to cool, cut the bananas and beat the whipped cream.

When it is ready, take it out of the fridge, spread the bananas, grate 3-4 mountain ore biscuits.

Add the whipped cream on top. Decorate as desired (grated mountain etc)

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