Candies for the winter


There are always candies in my house… I always have candies in a jar to accompany me… home, on my travels, on my travels… everywhere. I put them in a metal box, and take them with me. You can make flavors depending on what you like. Here I give you my own tasty version.


  • 300 g sugar
  • 170 g of water
  • 40 g lemon (for vitamin c and taste)
  • 40 g orange (for vitamin c and taste)
  • 3 g cinnamon powder (for the throat, with antiseptic properties and taste)
  • ¼ k g clove powder (for the throat, with antiseptic properties and taste)
  • 40 g of honey (to soften the throat)
  • Γ kg ginger powder (for the immune system)
  • A little icing for sprinkling.


The process is very easy. Put the sugar with the water in a saucepan, then the rest of the ingredients and let them simmer until they get a dark caramel color.

If we have a thermometer our candies are ready when the thermometer shows 147The. If we do not have a thermometer, when it gets the dark caramel color in a bowl of water, we take very little candy with a clean dry teaspoon, (being careful because it is scalding), and then we put it in the bowl with the cold water. We take the candy with our fingers. It should be tight and elastic. Once we put it in the oil paste and it cools down it should be hard. Then she will be ready.

When our candy is ready. On a clean surface, apply an oil paste. Then with a teaspoon make small pendants (small candies). Let cool. Then sprinkle with icing, and peel them.

-you can on cold days of winter, make tea and put 1 candy inside to melt ετε become excellent… also plain boiling water with 2 candies… "open" noses, throats, breaths… etc will warm you immediately!

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