Child and nutrition

All of us parents begin the struggle to cope with the demands of knowledge and sports activity for the maximum good outcome of our children.

Dried Figs from Kymi, Evia

In the mistress of our fig Kymi, all the houses in August, terraces, balconies and yards are filled with crates of figs that are dried with meltemakia and sunbathed, preparing them for winter.

Holy bread

An appropriate service is the donation, the offer given by the faithful to perform the sacrament of Holy Communion. It is bread, it is round (in the past, before the Fall, squares were used), which symbolizes the "anarchon" and "infinity" of God


Wonderful, wild, rocky, and windy Karpathos or Anemoessa according to Homer !!!! A traditional island that still retains its character and characteristics.

Mrs. Lent

When I was a child, I remember my little angel, who made us Mrs. Lent !! Such joy!!! I put it in one place and anxiously waited for the week to pass to cut off one leg !!!

The old wood oven of Foundoulakis

On one of my trips, I passed by the beautiful Georgioupolis of Chania. The strong smell of bread that broke my nose in the main street led me to a very old wood oven…