Dragonera cooking - confectionery competition


8 was successfully crownedος cooking - confectionery competition of Dragonera association, where the housewives presented excellent dishes where everyone who was there had the opportunity to taste them.   

The variety was great as there were categories, such as adult food, adult sweets, but also baby food and sweet baby etc

Indicative savory dishes that were presented were

Zucchini meatballs, beef with cheese in oil paste, zucchini tops, bobota otherwise, eggplant bites, rolls stuffed with briam, savory tart, moussaka, cheese pie, chicken pies, cheese pie with turkey, vegetable pie, etc.

From sweets were presented chocolate pie, banofi, liquid chocolate cake, ravani, herbal liqueur, chocolate paste, cariocas, brownies, truffles, etc

All the contestants cooked with a lot of passion and joy, based on local products and it is important that many children participated, which is a positive fact to be exemplified and to learn the art and love of proper cooking from an early age so that they can pass it on next generations.

We hope that this competition grows into participations that help not only the place, but also the strengthening of relations and the strengthening of the region.

A big congratulations to all the participants, the people in charge, but also to all the invisible heroes who ran and gave their best to make this event happen once again.

Thank you very much madam Eleni Paipeti for the help and material provided for the article.

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