2nd Great Exhibition "Wine - Honey - Oil and Olive"


The authentic Greece!

After a hard day at work, what better than a walk in the grove of Peristeri.

As soon as we arrived, the coolness of the trees, the smell of the wet soil, but also the vegetation that exists, rejuvenated us and gave us the predisposition that we will have a beautiful afternoon.

We were greeted by people with fun and passion for everything they make. People with a vision for the future of their business, with a passion for their products and with some secrets for food combinations. They explained to us in detail all our questions and concerns.

We found treasures of products απλά plain, rustic pasta, with zea wheat (durum wheat), with low glycemic index, tagliatelle with cuttlefish ink as well as noodles with smoked salmon, pasta with vegetables.

We discovered a wide range of honey, such as thyme, pine, spruce, flowers, chestnut, arbutus, heather, eucalyptus, orange, sage, mastic… and much more.

Of course, the presence of our oil again had its honor since it was in a prominent position from all parts of Greece !!!

You can also find beauty products based on olive oil and honey, exceptional and above all pure!

The participation of Cretan cheeses also gave their own note to the exhibition with rakes and tsipoura.

Like nuts, Peloponnese beer, and Pomegranate also with its derivatives such as pomegranate sauce (for meat, fish, vegetables, salads, marinades, yogurt, cocktails, etc.), as well as pomegranate balsamic and jam.

Do not miss the presence of Mani with the oil, and the traditional lalangia, and the doubles…

We left with the most beautiful impressions, full of ideas and inspirations for composition and combinations of foods and flavors…
A walk one afternoon with your friends or alone is I think better!


6-16 SEPTEMBER 2018


free entrance


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