A modern olive mill


Today we will see how the "liquid gold" of the Greek and Mediterranean diet, olive oil, is produced. One of the most important ingredients in our diet that goes everywhere and is very beneficial.

On the occasion of a trip to Mani and since it is the season when the olives are picked, I have come to a modern olive mill in the area to see the whole production process of this fantastic product. 

This particular mill has a straight production line, two-phase operation, which is made without waste and with a process of cold milling below 27 degrees. The result is the best quality in the final product, the extra virgin olive oil, where especially the laconic is famous as one of the best in the world.

At the beginning of the process the olives are unloaded and through the tape are taken to the washing machine. After the leaves are removed from the turbines, the olives are washed with a lot of water to remove all foreign objects (soil from the field, etc.) and after being weighed, they are passed to the crusher. The olive paste is created there. This paste passes into the kneaders we mentioned before by cold grinding at specific temperatures and stays for an hour and a half like dough to knead.

In the next stage we will be led to the so-called decate which by centrifugation creates zones that separate the fruit paste into the substance that the olive has with the olive oil and some water that you use in the process. Then it will be led to the separators where the water that is heavier will go down the oil up and we will have our final product that will go through various grills, really ready due to the quality of the process for eating or whatever you need.

The whole factory is made to modern standards and everything is stainless steel since it is the most suitable material. 

Finally, the producer can either take the final product directly from the hoses in the container he wants, or store it in special tanks, also stainless steel with a storage capacity of 1,100 tons of olive oil.

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