Aleka Restaurant


And once I was in the enchanting Pelion I came to eat at the famous Aleka. I had heard very good words and her fame has reached not only Athens but also distant Dubai!

The restaurant is cared for with a lot of love and it seems that the owners Mr. Theodoros and Mrs. Lena who is Aleka's daughter, have taken great care. We were warmly welcomed and after we told our news, we sat at the table where I stood to read the history of the restaurant.

After reading the introductory text, wonderful dishes, dishes with intoxicating flavors began to parade. I definitely wanted help on what to choose because everything was attractive. It has many options and local specialties, such as Pelion spetzofai, revithada, tsitsiravla with capers, beef with chestnuts, goat, knuckle, rooster .. but also fresh salads, with very special sauces with aged wine and accompanying figs, etc.
Finally we came up and of course we recommend the following dishes…

Pumpkin velvet soup
Grilled talagani with fig jam
Eggplant fry
Political salad
Reddened rooster
Lemonade goat with puree

As long as our meal really lasted the aromas we got in combination with the other senses you could not help but relax and travel your mind…

The excellent raw materials, meat, wines, cheeses in combination with herbs from the mountain of Centaurs produced a result… in which it has rightly been heard so much !!!


Aleka (restaurant and hotel)
Tsagarada, Pelion, Magnesia.
T.K. 37012
Tel: +30 2426049380
Fax: +30 2426049189

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