Fragkia Restaurant in Loutraki


We left for Loutraki after the phone call of my friend Eftychia to meet at her restaurant to talk… ..
My favorite hangout… a restaurant I'm looking for so I need to calm down from the pressure and daily stress…

When I arrived in Loutraki, a glass of wine with appetizers was waiting for us to start our conversation…

As we talked, intoxicating smells came from the kitchen… what you had you did not have they detuned you and removed you from the conversation…

The fish soup was musky; the osobouko with its match stood out;

He made us sit in the garden; a truly fairytale place, well-kept, with plenty of vegetation, flowers everywhere, lighting through the trees and generally a very special hospitable and well-kept place.

The piano with its sweet melody traveled and relaxed you; in a magical way it emptied the worries and stress of everyday life.

When the dishes came, Eftychia sat down with us to explain how she makes each dish, which really is all one by one…

The flavors stand out… which all have something special…

She does not testify to the secrets of her kitchen… and she does well…

My happiness, thank you very much for your wonderful hospitality, again until our next outing!


Fragkia Restaurant

203 00 Loutraki Korinthias,

phone: 274400 22073

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