Ftelia Restaurant


In the northern bay of Panormos with the breeze, and the wonderful beach with the turquoise crystal waters and the surfers you will find the restaurant Ftelia.

A restaurant with ethnic and, boho elements, dominates the bay and lets your eyes enjoy seeing the wonderful waters with the truly incredible beach.

While we were sitting there, we watched the surfers flying in the sea with the waves and they were really impressive.

We got our hands on the list. Difficult choice. Everything was really so delicious that until we decided we had a hard time.

Dishes married with elements from tradition, along with creative cuisine, in full balance.

We chose fish, since it is noon and we wanted something light.

In a very short time the dishes we ordered started arriving one by one… you really did not know where to start first

Mussels steam extremely excellent in taste and in balance the aromatic, so as not to cover their delicate and so discreet taste.

Grilled Cycladic sardines wrapped in vine leaves, which were pressed into a fragrant salad pillow with parsley and mint.

The salad is impressive with mixed leaves, beetroot, pumpkin, walnuts, grapes, Kalamata pastel and sun-dried Santorini vinegar.

Grilled sea bass in the wood oven with okra. A really wonderful delicious dish that one taste tied to the other.

A top dish we tasted was scorpion with artichokes and marathon eggnog. The aromas of this dish were truly incredible.

Fish fillet in oil paste with vegetables. A wonderful dish lightly healthy, very tasty, worth a try. All the vegetables of the sun on your plate married with the fish and in combination with the aromatic herbs that your delicious cups really enjoyed!

The waiters are fast, smiling, willing to help you choose, and to analyze your dish so that you have a great time.

The kitchen team worked with a sense of mastery and fun for the best possible performance of the kitchen and for the maximum result of the flavors and dishes.

We left with the best impressions and we definitely promised that they would see us again !!!

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