Easy village cheese pancakes


When you are in the village, you want easy recipes, quick and with few ingredients, to make ... for the children, something for breakfast, or maybe in the afternoon, or something for a walk in nature, or on the beach, or on TV. brother !!!… wherever you want, we have here the delicious cheese pancakes, with just 4 ingredients that will get you out of the difficult position, you will eat something healthy, and above all… very tasty !!! why γιατί It does not want trouble… it wants way!


  • 400 g grated feta in the wide hole
  • 5-6 k g flour
  • 3 eggs
  • Olive oil for frying


In a bowl we mix our ingredients. On a low to medium heat put a spoonful of the porridge, and spread with the spoon. We turn on both sides and when we take them out we leave them on absorbent paper.

-If the porridge turns out a little tight, dilute it with a little seed oil or water

-When we throw the porridge in the pan, be careful not to burn it (it grabs quickly)

-we can add aromatic herbs that we like, such as mint, oregano, thyme etc

-we can if we want to reduce the feta and add some yellow cheese

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