The oven to Mrs. Milias


After I was in Aeropolis of course and I would visit the oldest bakery in the Peloponnese, the bakery of Mrs. Milia. It is worth noting that they are the 5th generation to have the oven, and to say that it pre-existed since 1821 and this oven has seen the history of the revolution since it started from the square there in the metropolitan church of Taxiarches. The flag of Mani hangs from the outside with a blue cross, with the slogan << VICTORY, Ή DEATH, TEN Ή ON THEM >>

In front of the oven there is a stone well of pots and the wooden sign where the shop is named. Mrs. Milia (Milia Tsatsouli), a dynamic woman, lost her husband when she was 29 years old leaving her with 6 children to fight and take the strings of the oven from her in-laws. Now she has left us, and has left her art to her children, where they continue to make lalangia, cookies, pulled pies, rusks, various green cheese pies, onion pies, garlic pies, but also sourdough village bread.

Looking around at the walls, you will definitely notice some antique tools that were used in the old days.

It is worth noting that her multigrain bread in 2012 was awarded in a competition as the best bread in Greece

If you find yourself in these enchanting places, if you reach the famous Aeropolis, after admiring the wonderful stone buildings, after seeing the monuments and after you will reach the square anyway, go and get the most delicious pure delicious bread from the lady's bakery Milias, away from bulking and full of Mani land.

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