Fresko fish… That is, trout from Karpenisi!


In the settlement of Gavros, in the large village of Evritania, you will find the Fresko fish farm.

This unit breeds iridescent trout, which is delicious, as well as has a packing room and smokehouse where it prepares smoked and marinated trout which is an exquisite delicacy!

The company

Fresko fish farms started with production at about 25 tons and gradually increased after 6 years of operation to 50 tons in annual production.

The water of the unit is crystal clear as it comes from a source about one and a half kilometers away from the kennel. The water temperature remains constant all year round at 12 degrees Celsius but on the other hand raises the production cost because the fish have a slower growth, ie to reach the market size they need around 18 to 20 months. On the other hand there is very good production quality.

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Iridescent trout has several stages of production.

The first stage of production that takes place at the end of November is the milking of the broods and the fertilization of the eggs in special barrels. 25 days later we end up in the hatchery, where the eggs are slowly hatching and so we start there to have the first brood.

The brood is divided into lots. Usually we have 3 every year. The brood remains there up to one gram in size where it then goes to the large outer tanks.

At this stage the brood is sorted where the smaller ones are separated from the larger fish.

So we have different stages of production with different sizes which results in production all year round, that is the goal after all.

The rearing continues there for the next few months until the fish reaches the desired size.

Fresko fish farming can and does cover the needs of both retail and wholesale as well as taverns as well as has the products packaged to passers-by and visitors.

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The processing unit that has been created in the area of the fish farm for the last two years has a smokehouse where smoked trout is prepared and standardized.

The first product is the whole smoked fish, it is like herring in a familiar package but as a taste it is completely different. It is softer, less salty and leaves you with a nice aftertaste.

From there, two new codes were added, the Karpenisi trout in smoked fillet and the Karpenisi trout marinated to complete the range. The company is slowly moving forward and aims at better product development.


You can try making delicious fresh trout at greaseproof or try the smoker making cake or an amazing spaghetti.

Visit to the Fresko facility

The Fresko fish farm is open and accessible to the public. It is worth visiting as well as trying the excellent products it produces together with a sea bream…

Fresko fish farm
Επαρ.Οδ. Karpenisiou - Prousou - Kallitheas 26, Gavros 361 00
Tel: 2237 041215
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