Lettuce in Kimi


My homeland! The only sure thing is that I can not describe in a few lifeless words my love for her!

The green of the mountain in combination with the blue of the sea makes it a favorite destination near Athens, but at the same time far from it!

One of my favorite restaurants near my house is Fygouli. The restaurant is named after the area in which it is located, which extends southeast of Kimi and before the Parish and Platana. On a small hill - balcony in the Aegean, in the old days, the relatives of those who left the port by boat either to Skyros or to more distant destinations, to see them and say goodbye while the sailboats of the time were lost in horizon όλοι Everyone was leaving… Fugues… Fugouli… and so the area got its name from the pain of parting those difficult times…

Arriving we stopped to admire the unrestricted view… the eye leaves! You can sit there for hours gazing at the sea; your soul opens!

We headed to the store where my friend Eleftheria welcomes us. It is crowded but fortunately he had foreseen it and he had kept a table for us.

Fygouli is famous for its fried bread and cheese pie but also for its large portions! We preferred cheesecake… and finally got compensated because it was amazing! Its dough did not leave the classic "oil" that we usually see. It was fluffy while the cheese inside was enough and cooked as it should be!

Lamb chops

When my son's moussaka order came, we were speechless with how big the piece was! He was a truly memorable moussaka! Rich taste, very very tasty and the cream is velvety!


One of our salads was the simple string beans which were picked from the garden, sweet, crunchy and delicious. The oil is also local, aromatic, with a rich taste and the lemon from the lemon next to it! Such a simple salad, but when you eat it, you feel that your soul eats, aromas and flavors that in the city you have forgotten…

Vine beans

The pre-baked bread was tight, musky and the rest of our order arrived quickly about the people who had it.

Grilled chicken fillet

The pastourmadopita large in relation to the portions that I am used to in Athena's shops and with enough filling inside…


Our food, of course, was accompanied by a drink from my homeland! Septem of course!

When you have such a wonderful view, you eat such delicious and hearty food and drink beer from your place… you just feel full and happy…

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