George Avgerinos creates at Le Stelle!


George Avgerinos - A chef full of surprises ρό unpredictable… immobile… in all means… with a strong character but also the heart of a small child.We went to Le Stelle in Markopoulo where he works. This friendship lasts for years, so although I had to see him since he returned from England and Greek On The Docks in Gloucester… we had a lot to say, his trips abroad, at the Yefsi estiatorio in New York… but also the experiences of…

While we were talking… he traveled with us with the pictures and described to us the new cooking trends but also dishes that impressed him…

Our dishes are ready and we are even more eager to try them !!!!

And of course we were confirmed… because we were sure that the dishes would be wonderful!

brisket envelope with mozzarella prosciutto Florin peppers in balsamic honey mustard sauce
Brisket envelope, with mozzarella, prosciutto, Florin peppers, in balsamic honey mustard sauce
Linguine with basil pesto with fresh paste chips
Linguine with basil pesto with fresh paste chips
Variety of mushrooms with ribs, white agarics, porto belo, porcini, truffle poplar oil, thyme, katasi, myroni

and a sweet for the end…

My George, thank you very much for everything!


Le Stelle

Evangelistrias and Sotiriou 1, Markopoulo

phone: 2299 025118


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