Spoon sweet lemon and orange


Traditional spoon sweets that young and old alike like. With amazing aromas, it is a treat that everyone likes.


  • 1 kg and some lemon or orange peels
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 1 tbsp. glucose
  • 800 g of water


We get our lemons which are thick-skinned (organic or whole). We wash them and with a peeler we take the upper part (the yellow one).

We keep this if we want lemonade. We pass the oranges with a grater (we keep the zest in the freezer for other uses).

Carve the white part vertically into four parts. Peel it carefully, taking only the skin and not the flesh inside. 

We turn them into rolls and dry them with a toothpick.

If we want, we cut them into strips.

Put them in the pot to boil, and to separate. We do this process 3 times. Leave each water for about 5 minutes.

After we finish the process, we put the water, the sugar, the glucose in the pot and we carefully add our sweet. Boil it until the syrup sets (around 45 minutes)

The same procedure applies if we want to make sweet orange orange etc.

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