Sweet figs


FIG!!!! My favorite sweet !! I can eat whole jars !! My first spoon dessert to taste! Maybe because I have combined it with childhood memories… In the village, every afternoon ice cream with sweet figs on top. In the village, there is no house without a sweet fig. It is of course easy, because Evia is full of figs. It is no coincidence that it comes first in this fruit. The fruit that our Kimi produces in large quantities. I remember as a child the special smell that all the streets and places in the village had. They had the sweet smell of Sykia. Evia is rightly the queen of Figs. Sweets, food, in all preparations, you can find them here! Wonderful figs, where we make from cookies, as far as you can imagine… and let's not forget the dried Kymi figs that are now known all over the world. I remember tourists in a row taking dried figs for their homeland χω I have made many pastries. But I wanted to make the sweet fig in my homeland, together with a housewife from Kimi. All the products of the dessert should be from there, so that when I serve it it has the smell and taste of my place.

So what's right with a local housewife like Stavroula, to make the sweet, and to tell me all the tricks for the traditional sweet rye of Kymi !!!!


  • 25 wind-blown figs (either vultures or vultures)
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 1 kg of water
  • Blue stone as much as a chickpea.
  • 25 peeled and roasted almonds
  • 1 asteroid anise
  • 1 kg glucose


  1. We take our figs one by one and carve them up, up to the stalk. And we remove the dark mark on the bottom.
  2. In a basin we put water where we have dissolved the blue stone. We place our figs inside and put weight on them so that they are all in the water.
  3. We leave them for about an hour. Rinse them very well and boil them for 5 minutes. Change the water and bring them to a boil again for another 4-5 minutes. Then we rinse them and carefully squeeze them, so that all the liquids come out from inside.
  4. Put our sugar in the pot with the water and glucose and let the syrup set very well (about 20 minutes) Once it sets, add our figs and the star anise, and let them boil, and tie everything together. Then we place our almonds at the bottom of each fig, and place them in sterile jars. Add the syrup and seal them.

-Our figs are windworms (either vultures or vultures). That is, it is the male (wild) figs where the bees graft the figs.

-when we collect these figs it is good to wear gloves because the milk brings itching

-we collect these figs around May to April.

- we put the blue stone to keep their green color alive.

- we put the almond at the end to keep each of the figs, because with the boiling and the change of the water it usually leaves.



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