Hash browns


A very simple dish preparation, which is potato chips essentially with onion. They prepare it for breakfast, and accompany it with egg eyes. Some years I worked in the mornings in hotels were one of the main dishes and quite common since all the tourists from any country knew where they had come from.

Their full name is hashed brown potatoes which means shredded brown potatoes and their root is found in some parts of the United States.

The hash browns or dry pancakes are also found in the traditional breakfast dish from rosti which was the farmer's breakfast made from brown potatoes and corn beef with various vegetables.

In Greece the dry pancakes were a quick snack for breakfast or for a light dinner complementing it with feta cheese or cheese and rusks.

Anyway it is a favorite dish for adults and children, very easy, fast for all hours.

Here I will give you the basic recipe. Below I will give you the alternatives you can make for the most delicious dry pancakes!


  • Or onion passed through the grater through the large hole
  • 2 large potatoes passed through the grater through the large hole
  • Olive oil
  • Salt Pepper


  1. Grate the potatoes in the large hole. Then we take the grated potato and dip it in a bowl of water where we have added salt. Rinse the potato to leave all the starch well. Then drain it well, very tightly with a towel.
  2. Then grate the onion. Drain from their juices and then in a pan over medium heat and a little oil add a little onion and grated potato just enough to cover a layer of the pan. Simmer on both sides.

You will also find this dish with egg inside. After frying on both sides, pour over a beaten egg. Fry on both sides.

- a very tasty version is to add grated cheese and spring onion.

- The classic version wants us to dip the grated potato in salt water. You can also put the potato in a colander and rinse the starch well. Then salt the potato, and squeeze it very well with the help of a clean towel.

-accompany your hash browns with whatever you like, eggs, cold cuts, vegetables etc.

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