The stories of Barba


Once upon a time there was once a barb, born in '22, in an old house in Molos in the green Skyros. His life was hard, you see a fisherman… growing up in the sea. He had a small house next to her, where he would spend his life if he were not in her arms. Barba - Christos, therefore, had many stories to tell, traveling, and living in the sea, like all fishermen, after all… Stories full of images, agony, but also salty. Cooking in the old house, the fish he had caught, along with the pure raw materials, the sound of the wave, the splash of the wave, but also the images of the story were the best to later become the basis of an excellent tavern… Thus, in 2006 After our barba was gone from life, the fish tavern is born by Mr. George, where the art, the passion, the will, but also the magical touch of barba Christos that you realize is hovering in the space, bring out flavors from experiences, wisdom, but also love from the past…

Flavors taken from the tradition of Skyros, but also the stories of Barba-Christos, with an excellent result, combined with the endless blue, and the wonderful view of Skyros, will make you not want to leave there.

Dishes special in taste such as Florin peppers stuffed with wild rice and tuna, steamed mussels with fennel, garlic and dill, shrimp Simian fresh, crab salad, tamarisk properly cooked, Oil Pie with Xinomizithra Skyros from Skyros, gruyere from, gruyere aging acquires a spicy but also rich buttery taste with aromas, but also would not miss the cuttlefish married with chickpeas, but also of course the fresh fish where you can choose…

It has a wide variety of drinks, and I personally emphasized that it has beers and ouzo from my homeland Evia. Septem beers and Avantes ouzo had first place on our table of course !!!!

So you will find this amazing tavern in Molos, open from 1:00 pm at noon until 1:00 pm. If you are in our beautiful Skyros, do not forget to visit it !!! It will be unforgettable!

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