Fried squid


For the easiest crunchy and delicious squid, for meze, for appetizer, for fasting or because we like it for the Sunday table with friends! Kids will love it and adults will be thrilled!


  • 1 kg of squid (we have cleaned them * and cut slices about 1 cm)
  •  1 cup hard flour (rustic)
  • ½ fl cornflour
  • 1 k corn flour
  • 1 kg salt
  • 1 kg white pepper


  1. Mix the flour with the cornflour, salt and pepper and the corn flour.
  2. We take our squid and which we have pulled the moisture with a cloth and dip them in the mixture with our flour.
  3. Put them floured in the refrigerator on a plate until our oil is warm. Be careful not to touch each other as much as possible.
  4. Our oil must have 180+ degrees to be fried.
  5. We add our squid little by little in hot oil so that the temperature of the oil does not drop, and so that they do not stick between them.
  6. Place them on absorbent paper, serve them hot with a lemon on the side. Not up because it softens them.

If you are in a hurry and do not have time, grind them well, and take a handful of squid, put it in a colander, shake them 2-3 times to remove the excess flour, and fry them a little (be careful not to one on top of the other).

We can accompany them with sweet and sour chili sauce

* how to clean the squid

Wearing a pair of gloves we take the squid in our hands. Gently pull the head from the legs and take the entrails with the ink bag (keep the bag carefully in the refrigerator covered with a damp risotto towel, spaghetti etc. We keep it for one day).

With a knife we remove the eyes that are at the bottom of the head because they pop in the frying pan and splash the hot oil.

Remove the white bone inside the squid.

Cut the squid tail and wash with plenty of water to remove any sand.

Cut it into equal pieces.

You can also make them with batter for more impressive inflatable crunchy squid! try them!

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