Good heart


Since we met again in Santorini, there was no way we could not visit Mrs. Anna in "Kali Kardia". I believe that anyone who goes to the island deserves to pass and visit the good heart, which as the name of the restaurant testifies is so!

It is the place where you will not feel like a tourist but a guest. The flavors of all Santorini in your dish. The unique dishes that have been cooked with love and believe that when you try them they will give you a mommy taste.

Most of their products are theirs and Mrs. Anna and her sister enter the kitchen early every day to make wonderful dishes that marry the local Santorini products with the traditional cuisine but also combinations that will leave you with the best impressions.

The place renovated from the last time I came, comfortable, tasteful and with a wonderful view. I pay a lot of attention to the order and cleanliness that prevails, and this creates a feeling of security and prepares you for the pleasures that will follow.

The options are countless that you will not know what to choose first.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans and gluten-free dishes.

It is worth mentioning for the wonderful friendly, but also fast service.

What is certain is that I would advise you to take different dishes, to get to know Santorini through them, but also to relax through the wonderful environment and the view and to remember flavors of purely cooked delicious food.

It is worth mentioning about the honeyed braised beef that marries it with the feta and the velvety white eggplant, the delicious goat with the baked potatoes, its moussaka with the white eggplant -surpassed- but also many many mezedathos with kozedo and stuffed with rice, her eggplant salad, crispy chicken wings with visado sauce, the wonderful mushrooms stuffed with various cheeses and sun-dried tomatoes with pepper and many many more hot and cold appetizers for every taste and appetite !!!!

In the end it will sweeten you with spoon or trunk sweets. I loved the sweet rose without wanting to throw away the other sweets that make them divine!

If you travel to Santorini do not forget the good heart and Mrs. Anna. It will turn your trip into an adventure of taste and enjoyment!

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