Karaiskos Farm


A sunny September day started with a wish I always had in mind and I was waiting for the right opportunity to make it happen.

… Visit to a farm!

But not just any farm μου My goal was "Karaiskos Farm - Pelion Gastronomy".

Where is the paradise of fruits and vegetables… where you can take your wicker basket and wander in 12 acres of land and gather what you imagine!

A variety of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, corn, onions, beets, carrots, zucchini…

Herbal garden with sage, linden, mountain tea, rosemary, oregano, thyme, lemon thyme, juniper root, parsley, dill…

To wander among 115 fruit trees such as quinces, sour cherries, figs, olives, chestnuts, mulberries, figs….

Also in the greenhouse that is preparing for the winter to grow broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, etc.

So today, with my visit, Filippos and Stefanos had gathered the pumpkins; with the appropriate treatments, they will be made from sweets to pies and from soups to salads!

They took a break to sit down and talk for a while, offering me homemade sour cherries with marjoram! It left a special aftertaste with its so special taste and amazing aroma !!!!

Agrotourism - Thematic tourism - Alternative tourism - Gastronomy

Whatever you call it, whichever title you choose, what they do and have achieved on the farm is amazing! They explained to me that they work with travel agencies which thanks to which visitors come from all over the world and all seasons… winter - summer. Visitors can choose from the menu (there are about 10) what to make by drinking lemonade or homemade sour cherries… Then the description of the property is made and where they will find any kind they will need, the preparation is done (opening sheet for pies collection materials with the wicker basket in the garden, herbs, lighting a wood oven etc)… and of course the consumption… !!!

I was also told that the bread lesson is quite interesting and in demand. They knead the bread, put in various herbs such as thyme, oregano and other ingredients such as cheese, olives, etc. Of course, the pure traditional village pre-baked bread is in great demand by tourists !!!

There is even a lesson for snacks! They learn how to make simple salads and ointments, such as tzatziki, hot cheese, eggplant salad (with aubergines baked and smoked in the wood oven), etc.

There is great interest, sensitivity and concern for those who are vegeterian or vegan. There is a separate menu with wonderful dishes such as briam, stuffed etc.

Widespread is the famous herb pie that has many herbs such as celery, spinach, red and green peppers, zucchini, horseradish, sauerkraut, nettle, spring onions, various herbs such as dill and mint and even trachanas made from eggs. their.

I am so lucky !!! Today is relatively calm so it was my chance to take my basket and pick up my vegetables and all the ingredients I will use to make a nice briam !!!!

While walking in the garden, I found a coop! But how neat, clean and beautiful it was! It had something unique that I saw for the first time! The nests for the hens that make eggs, were in a separate window let's say, which you had access from outside. So you opened this "window" and collected the eggs without entering the henhouse!

While walking I met donkeys and two ponies! How beautiful it was! Very familiar with man, calm! I stopped for a while to feed them and put fresh water on them! I also poured some water on the pigs that I found sunbathing lazily. Two or three pink balls that as soon as they saw the tire ran to me and started drinking water and playing !!!!

As I was walking, my basket was full and I think it was time to go back… The children had already turned on the wood oven. We cut our vegetables, put our ingredients in the pan and it made its way to the wood oven !!!

Before the food was made, they explained to me how important it is for the children and everyone who comes to the estate to know where the raw materials come from, how they are in their natural state, how the plant that produces them, what it takes to grow and progress …

That's why itheir website rises high enough, because they make sure that people know the Karaiskos estate, with leaflets from hotel guests Kritsa Gastronomy Hotel.

Finally in the near future they want to make a small exhibition with jars (souvenirs) with local products such as oil, honey, olives, jams, all taken from the estate.

I spent a wonderful and pleasant day, full of smells, tastes and colors !!!

Leaving my basket had herbs and honey… to make my life fragrant and sweet! And I in turn wrote my wishes on the tree of wishes for children!

Thank you very much!!!!! It was a day I will not forget…



Karaiskos Estate - Pelion Gastronomy

Portaria of Pelion, PC 37011

Phones: +30 24280 90006 and +30 697 240 58 36

E-mail info@peliongastronomy.gr


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