Special meze, which Although most people associate it with Easter, many people enjoy it all year round. And especially when the one who makes it knows the "tricks" then we are talking about great taste… !!!


  • 1.5 livers
  • 3 medium-sized men
  • Lemon Tree
  • Salt Pepper
  • Oregano
  • olive oil

Tip: Generally we keep the ratio of 2 men for every 1 liver


  1. The most basic part of the preparation and perhaps the most difficult is the washing. It must be very meticulous. It is necessary to wash the men well on both sides and to do this we must double-turn them inside - out so that they clean very well with plenty of water and lemon or vinegar for disinfection. At this stage he also wants to be careful not to confuse the men and then we can not wrap.
  2. Then prepare the liver. We cut our liver into equal pieces so that our cockerel comes out uniform. Marinate them with salt, pepper, oregano, olive oil and any other spice we like (eg thyme, garlic, etc.).
  3. We pass the pieces of liver on the spit, taking care not to put the same kind side by side.
  4. Then we will "mold" the men on the spit. Here you will need the help of another person (do not come only for food eh?). One person will turn the spit and one will wrap the men. Be careful, in the wrapping, the men should be passed up and down as they are wrapped and not in one place. This will make the kokoretsi more stable, uniform and of equal thickness along the entire length, which will ensure good baking.
  5. It's time to bake. Our fire must not be strong so that the baking is done slowly. We always turn in one direction (otherwise the intestines may unfold). If we have a motor we put it at low speed, otherwise the whole company alternates to turn around…

Bon appetit!

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