The old wood oven of Foundoulakis


On one of my trips, I passed by the beautiful Georgioupolis of Chania. The strong smell of bread that broke my nose in the main street led me to a very old wood oven, preserved, one of the largest I have personally met. Its diameter inside is 4 meters deep !!! Incredibly big !! This wood oven is from 1935 and in 1948 it was bought by Manousos Foundoulakis, where he made the traditional pre-baked bread, and gave it to all the surrounding areas. Although then every house had its own wood oven, Mr. Manousos with passion and love continued to make the wonderful bread and to be loved by everyone in the area. In 1960 his sons took over where they continued the same traditional recipe with hand kneading, slow ascent to the painter. Appetite and perseverance married to tradition, made the breads so famous in Crete, -but also abroad- where these wonderful, golden, fragrant, hard breads, came to order in Athens as well. In 2006 until today Manolis Foundoulakis continues the tradition until today, with the fresh bread of slow ascent, to get up every day at 5 in the morning, to knead in the kneader now 500 kilos of bread, with wheat-barley flour etc, to enter the painter from 1 ½ - 2 ½ hour. The preparation of the bread takes 4 hours. From ancient times until today you clean the oven with a panistro (a kind of cloth like a sack where they put the olives) and with the two kilos of bread traveling all over Crete, but also all over Greece since the wonderful things are now known. his loaves. Also known for its carob flour rusks, but also its simple, warm musky olive bread, but also raisin bread, oil and cinnamon cookies, and many more traditional pastries !!

Many thanks to Mr. Foundoulakis for his willingness and time, who provided me with detailed information.

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