Quinces and shiny


Seafood delicacy, which we love and look for in catalogs when we sit in a fish tavern, or in the fish market to buy for our home.

They can be combined with risotto, with spaghetti, but also on their own with lemon, or on the grill. Whichever way we look at them, we love them since they are nutritious, with a very rich source of protein, with omega-3 fatty acids, with no fat at all.

Carefully open these shells. With a knife place the joint of the two shells on the back side, and turn slightly (try not to move the knife but the shell) then open the shell, break it in half and carefully remove the meat.

We always serve them on ice, and when we serve them raw, when we drip the lemon on them they should move (reaction) Then we know that our shells are fresh.

If we want to make them steamed again, with a little white wine or ouzo, fresh or dried onion, garlic, parsley, and lemon, they are wonderful.

If we want them on the grill again, we will definitely accompany them with butter, garlic and lemon. Divine !!

If you want them again in spaghetti, accompanied by tomatoes, they certainly become very tasty, but they harden and lose their wonderful tenderness. That's why we almost always prefer them raw.

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