Mrs. Lent


When I was a child, I remember my little angel, who made us Mrs. Lent !! Such joy!!! I put it in one place and anxiously waited for the week to pass to cut off one leg !!!

- Mom, why 7 feet?

- Why do we want 7 weeks until Easter !!! 

1The foot Sunday of Orthodoxy
2The foot of Ag. Gregory of Palamas
3The foot of the Crucifixion
4The foot of St. John of the Ladder
5The little foot of Saint Mary of Egypt
6The foot on Poor Sunday and the
7The little foot on Easter Sunday !!!!

-Mom, why does he not have a mouth?

-Without mouth, not to gossip, not to judge and of course why he is fasting !!!!!

- Does he hold the cross too?

-Yes!!! She has her arms crossed because she prays and the cross because she goes to church !!!

Memories… that have remained indelible in my memory… that in turn, I made to my daughter and son every year.

Throughout Greece we will meet the custom of Mrs. Lent. In some places it was made from a cloth filled with feathers, others made it from paper. In Pontos they made Koukouras. A potato or onion hung from the ceiling that had seven wings. And every week they took out a feather. Some, again, made with dough and hid a coin in the dough. When Easter came and the legs were finished, they cut Mrs. Lent piece by piece. until someone gets the coin, where the lucky one would be !!! In some parts of Greece, the last leg was hidden in a dried fig in the basket with the dried figs. The one who would happen to be the lucky one!

Mrs. Sarakostis's dough is made with flour, salt and water. We add salt because we do not want it to spoil us. Caution! This dough of ours is not eaten !!! To keep her 50 days!

For my own Lent I put:

  • 300 g flour
  • 4 tablespoons salt
  • 170 g of water

We make the silhouette of Mrs. Sarakostis, we put her foot, a cross on her head or in her arms that are crossed and of course her seven legs. Bake for 30 minutes at about 170The grades. We do not want it to bake, but to dry.

The custom says that when you make Mrs. Lent, you also sing her traditional song:

Mrs. Sarakosti which is an old custom

The grandmothers made it with salt and water

They wore a cross on her head as an ornament

And they forgot the mouth, because he fasted for a long time

And they counted the days with her feet at seven

They cut one a week, until Easter comes


Happy Easter!!!! With health!

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