Bergamot liqueur


Wonderful, cool, digestive, fragrant, tasty, light liqueur that in winter has its honor at tables such as Christmas or holidays. Because its production is short, we double the dose (or even three) to have enough all year round!

Our materials that we will use

  • 10 bergamots
  • 400 g sugar
  • 500 g of water
  • 700 g of tsipouro or vodka


  1. After washing the bergamots thoroughly, wipe them and remove the outer skin with a peeler without taking the white from the inside (the white from the inside can be turned into sweet bergamot)
  2. Place the peels and the tsipouro (or vodka) in a clean jar and leave it in a shady place for about 10 days or more.
  3. Once the 10 days have passed in a saucepan, I add the sugar with the water and let it boil. I pull it aside and let it cool.
  4. Once cool, strain the tsipouro with the bergamot peels very well with a tulip or double tulle.
  5. I incorporate, mix and it is ready.
  6. Serve it plain or with crushed ice and as a digestive after a meal.

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