Is it Christmas without melomakarona?

So let's let the whole house smell the most delicious melomakarona, full of aromas and with a whole walnut hidden in the center !!!


For the melomakarona

  • 1 kg of flour for all uses
  • 250 gr seed oil (to make fluffy)
  • 250g olive oil (for its aromas)
  • 50 gr brandy
  • 180 g of orange juice
  • 200 g sugar
  • 1 teaspoon soda
  • 2 teaspoons cloves
  • 2 teaspoons chopped cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • on the nose nutmeg
  • zest of 2 oranges
  • 250 g walnut (50 g broken for the end)
  • 100 g crushed pistachio

For the syrup

  • 500 g sugar
  • 500 g of water
  • 500 g thyme honey
  • 1 peel of a lemon
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 3-4 cloves (clove)


  1. Sift our flour and add the baking powder.
  2. In another bowl we put all the liquids, that is the seed oil, the olive oil, the orange juice in which we have melted the soda. Add the sugar and mix very well to melt the sugar (to make our dough fluffier and not weigh it down).
  3. Once melted, slowly add our flour with the baking powder. At the beginning with the egg beater and at the end with our hands.
    At this point we must say that the mixing is done with light movements and as few as possible. Do not knead the dough for a long time, as soon as you add all the flour in 4 - 5 mixing movements. The harder you knead the dough, the tighter it will be. Our dough should have become like soft plasticine and be oily. Let it rest for about 20 minutes covered with a film. During this time, the aromas and flavors will be incorporated.
  4. We start making our melomakarona. We have a bowl with us in which we have put the nuts. We take a small amount of dough and put it in our handful. We press it a little to make a small disk. We take a piece of nut, place it in the center and then close the nut all around. It has become a small record.
  5. We place it on the sheet metal. We continue until we make our dough to make delicious melomakaronas. When a plate is finished we take a fork and pierce them slightly on This will help to pull the syrup more easily. Put the plate in the oven at 160 degrees in the air for about 20 minutes. Only one sheet at a time. We will understand that they are ready when they have turned brown, and they come off the sheet metal.

Let them cool well.

The syrup and the syrup

  1. Put all our ingredients in the pot and let it boil. When it boils, it will foam. We lower the eye to simmer. We skim our syrup and start the syrup.
  2. We dive a little at a time to control the syrup. Depending on the size, we leave the melomakarono. Here we showed them snacks, 15 seconds is enough. At this point I would like to say that I want the syrup hot and the melomakarona cold to melt properly and not too syrupy. If you still like them very much in syrup, you can make the other way around, ie cold syrup, and as soon as they come out hot from the oven, you dip them inside.
  3. Once you take them out, put them on the grill and sprinkle them with crushed walnuts and pistachios

Leave them to cool well and place them on your plate! You can enjoy (If you have not already done so) your melomakarono with the stuffed walnut !!!!

Have fun!

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