Snacks on Clean Monday


A different view on how to serve snacks for Clean Monday and enjoy our meal.

The ointments from fish roe saladeggplant salad Mount Athos without oil, even guacamole, comes to enter as a base in the Arabic pits where cones have been cut and wrapped. Inside the cones we can make combinations from octopus salad, grilled vegetables, boiled shrimp, potato salad, grilled mushrooms, steamed mussels, and whatever else is on your Net Monday table. Add salad, even Mr.glossy, shiny, and make individual dishes or even a platter if you make a buffet.

It is also a very good idea to make the next one with what is left of the table since there will be many saucers and snacks in small quantities.

Also, instead of Arabic cones, you can make canapes with lagana. Cut the lagana in half and let your imagination improvise. Even pieces of lagana stuffed in the middle like pockets would be a very good idea !!!

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