Appetizers… What can the word appetizer mean? It may come from the Persian word maze meaning taste… like the Turkish meaning meze…

In any case, the word meze has been widely used in Greece since antiquity, when it was the small quantities of food or otherwise tragima (baked grains of wheat in order to prolong the gathering).

Nowadays, the word mezes, a favorite word of the Greek, has become a daily habit in… to have a snack or to go to a tavern or to make something mezeklidiko or even to call someone… mezekli!
And let's not forget the expression… "I got someone at the meze" (I got him in the small).

What does the meze include? The composition of the meze has neither a beginning nor an end. It can start from tomato, cucumber, olives… to legumes and from salted fish to cold cuts, cheeses, ointments…

Eggplant salad

The places that could traditionally give these delicious snacks a roof were the old neighborhood cafes. The men gathered there to discuss politics, sports and their problems, of course with the corresponding drinks…

The more intense the discussion, the more intense the drinks and therefore the more intense the snacks, which had their honor, alternating the flavors in each round.

Over time, the cafes are slowly disappearing… and are being replaced by taverns, tsipouro restaurants and ouzo, adding ethnic touches of flavors or dishes made for each drink (meze for ouzo, beer for wine, etc.).

In the Greek family, the meze was usually the night where the housewife took out that she had left over from previous days of eating in small saucers, or kept it for cases of snacking on the ligoura.

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