Ouzo Harbor


And here I am again in my port… so I say… my port… my favorite destination… a quarter of my house and you think you are somewhere else… away.

My memory goes back to the first day I was there. I had gone with friends, after a lot of work to relax… and to get our head out of the pressure of work for a while.

Right next to the Loulis mills… a paradise hidden, a small shelter of carefreeness…. my little port… There I met all the company of Mr. Nikola… with bouzouki… with guitars με we played, sang, laughed… How beautiful it was.

And to be here again and again and again… is my port now. Or maybe others? Mrs. Stella (namesake) welcomes us with a smile. Eeeee ει he knows us after all… even our order… he knows! I will definitely get my favorite spicy octopus… yes… the spicy one with the sun-dried tomato… !!!

As much as I like it, I always get it. Mrs. Stella will not refuse to tell me the recipe !!!

He is sitting at the desk… and with one movement he pulls out a big book…

She talks to me about how many things her eyes have seen in this tavern… how many surnames have not paraded from there…

Stelios Kazantzidis together with Mrs. Stella's son

As she tries to find the recipe in her closets, she tells me about her story as Smyrna, with a great passion for food and recipes from grandmother to mother and so on. She tells me about the history of the tavern… since it came into her hands and in the hands of Mr. George… in 1983 !!!

It gives me a lot of emphasis on the dishes that customers usually prefer, such as octopus meatballs, saganaki shrimp, lentil salad, spicy octopus, honey, barley seafood, mussel pilaf, the famous dolmadas gialanji in which the leaves are ordered by K for … And much more…

While Mrs. Stella is talking to me a wave of smell of red wine is intense έ it comes to my nose τά she looks at me λά she smiles νει she closes her eyes…

"It's the octopus… we just erased it!" it tells me.

He starts reading my recipe

However, our order has reached the table and the company is waiting…

The ducks have already gathered from below and are patiently waiting for our generosity ουν They know where they are going… they are cunning! They took me by surprise again! They stuck next to me!

The boats are slowly gathering and the sun is setting. The chapel lights its lights again and people walk around the port; you take a deep breath. Everything from inside you feel like leaving, stress, scars, problems. For a while everything is calm inside you. Everything is peaceful.

My little port, until my next excursion, thank you very much!

Thank you very much Mrs. Stella and Mr. George !!!



The Port

ouzo - tavern

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