Child and nutrition


Schools are opening and all the children are getting ready for the new school year.

All of us parents begin the struggle to cope with the demands of knowledge and sports activity for the maximum good outcome of our children.

Among all the responsibilities, the big capital is nutrition. A proper diet that will not fill his body with fat cells resulting in the development of an obese adult, but will protect our children from winter viruses, will maintain the body's normal functions against the enormous demands of physical and mental activities, will replenish cell damage and create stores in the body with nutrients.

A proper variety of weekly diet rich in vegetables like one peas lemonade or peas with tomato, stuffed, cabbage rice, green rice, gardener's soup, spinach rice, even sprinkle rolls or vegetable skewers, etc. and fruits such as fruit salad smoothie etc, legumes such as multi-seed soup with lemon or velouté, bean salad, lentils, chickpea lemonade or velouté bean soup, fava beans, fish as in parchment paper with vegetables or fish soup, meat like roast beef which they love, or lemonade, or boiled, chicken soup with rice, with trachana which is a great dish, cheese in form cheesecake  with phyllo crust or village or cheese pies and olive oil bread and starch (potatoes with lemons, potatoes with paprika, potatoes with rosemary and thyme, rice, spaghetti with minced meat, spaghetti with tuna sauce, spaghetti with seafood,) ensures the smooth development and maintenance of health child's.

Breakfast is a basic meal for the child. Just as the engine needs fuel to start working, the body also needs food for a proper start to the day. The necessary amount of glucose must rise in the brain to have a proper continuous function. And we achieve this with frequent healthy meals.

A glass of juice, fruit salad, a milkshake, an oven omelette or omelette with vegetables, a piece of toast, yogurt with cereals give them strength, a greater ability to concentrate and learn, their performance is much higher and they are happier and happier because they feel complete. So get up 10 minutes earlier, and get your kids ready the best way we parents know how.

The snack is basic because it covers the needs until the main meal, so we want it as healthy as possible made by our own hands and not the ready-made ones curdled in butter and useless empty calories.

Bars cereal with peanut butter, with nuts, Muffin with cheese, with spinach tomato cheese, with turkey cheese or country muffins, a piece of easy cheese pie with spinach pie or vegetable pie or a smoothie, various sandwiches with bread from the oven or made by your own hands or vegetables cut into sticks or yogurt with dry fruits, pretzels of Thessaloniki  sesame seeds, cheese pie, fried cabbage pies, fluffy round pies, baked cabbage pies, stuffed potato pies, rustic baked pies, rice pie, piroski, flour pie and many more.

But children are children, you cannot cut sugar from children's diet. But you can limit it.

A candy that you will make yourself, with pure raw materials, will be more painless than the sweets that are on the market, which are rich in saturated fats, trans fatty acids.

A lovely velvety fragrance milk pie or chocolate cereal bars, snowballs which are full of sweetened milk, rice milk, easy ice cream, fluffy bun, mosaic, doughnuts, crepes, waffles, truffles and so many other sweets that satisfy their strong desire for sweets, but we are sure of the quality they have eaten.

We are what we eat.

If we give our children the right nutritional foundations they will grow up with those right foundations. They will always be careful to eat healthy, respect their body and themselves.

 * This text is purely my personal opinion and not instructions or obligation, and does not involve state legislation.

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