The Old Mill in Argyroupoli


You can not go to Rethymno and not go through the springs of Argyroupolis! A magical destination that you think you are in paradise. The landscape is green, and streams everywhere, and springs with water !! Plane trees, lemons, bananas, the sound of cicadas in combination with the cool waters that fall from the small waterfalls, make you relax and forget your problems and troubles.

 The 'old Mill' is located somewhere there. A picturesque tavern made of stone and what is left of the old mills that used to exist in the area.

There we were greeted with a smile by Mr. George Manousakas. A wonderful man, where he told us the story of the place and the tavern. Around there, there were many mills, double in fact (maybe 20) where they extracted flour, oil, wool processing, etc., which collapsed in the 50's. Much later around the 80's people started coming, due to the heavenly beauty of the landscape, where the first taverns started. So in 1988 he was born on the ruins of a double mill, this wonderful tavern. 

In winter it works only on Sundays, and from the end of March until the end of October it is always open. The area of the tavern is 10 acres, and in addition to the tables that are buried on all levels between the trees and the springs, we have a pond where we can choose fresh trout, and in the river that passes through the tavern we will find sturgeon . Within 10 acres of the tavern, there is a 3.5 acre orchard where we will find fresh tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, etc. Mr. George told us that 5 km above there is a farm, where it is full of cherries, pomegranates, olives, vines, but also sheep goats etc. So the raw materials are pure, and the food will have the best basis. Comfortable parking, playground for children, a built-in oven, and in front of the tavern at the entrance stands the opposite. 

Our menu is rich, which satisfies even the most difficult tastes. I took a walk and wandered, for a while. I actually came across images that I thought were no longer rich vegetation with a lot of water. Mr. George told us that 480 liters of clean water comes out per second, as from there you water Rethymno, and all the surrounding villages. This water comes from the White Mountains. I stood near a small pond where I noticed dragonflies flying around! How many years have I had to see !! Many colored people, who on the lake looked like confetti !!! Down in the flowers, I found a hummingbird !! Ωωω !!! How beautiful it is !!! On the way back to the table I came across a very small bird, brown, very petite. I asked Mr. George what a bird he is. A triplet told me. This little bird goes and sits he told me in small holes. How cute it is !!! I sat down at the table where the food had already arrived. Sylvie-doll-smiling, served us. All the Cretan hospitality with the marriage of its traditional cuisine on our table !!


A destination that I will definitely visit again, both for the place and for the wonderful old mill !!!

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