An Old History in Corinth


Like an old story… always γω I end up in Corinth with Olia to drink our wine and say goodbye… and we always have so much to say…

You see our story starts from our childhood… there… at school…

Laughter, joys, jokes, jokes, pranks… how beautiful they were !!!! And always in the old story, the shop of Mr. Fanis… who will always bring us my favorite pipes! Of course the steamed mussels, our fish and the fresh boiled salad that has everything you want!

The appetizers run parallel to our conversation. We have a lot to say… about my baptism, about his brother…

Here are the grilled vegetables… favorites for both of us!

The octopus has reached the table and is waiting for us to prefer it!

Here it is and the tzatziki and we are still at the beginning…

And the wine ends… and the second… and the third… and the sun began to hide behind the mountains and the sky has taken on such a beautiful orange-gold color…

It's time to leave… until our next meeting of course here… in our old history!



Old History


Papandreou Georgiou 87, Corinth, 20131


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