In Panorama in Skiathos you not only want to stay but also to eat!


On the occasion of a two-day job in Skiathos σαμε we passed by our friend Apostolis at the Panorama Hotel.

Apostolis, although busy that day due to work but also due to his son's birthday, did everything he could to make us feel comfortable.

After we sat down and said goodbye with an ouzo he entered the kitchen to take care of us… Although Apostolis is not a cook, he loves cooking and when he has his own people he enters the kitchen himself and prepares his dishes one by one, with taste, taken from his heart.


Shrimp with mastic
Deep fried mussels on cheese
Grilled swordfish with lemon sauce - mustard
Butter potatoes
Green salad with tuna
Grilled salmon with lemon sauce - mustard

Hotel and restaurant Panorama

Koukounaries, Skiathos

Tel: 24 27 04 9382

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