Traditional kourabiedes of Kymi


The traditional kourabiedes of Kimi with the shape they make them (fingers as I call them). Step by step the recipe from Koumiotissa housewife Stavroula, as they have been making for years… and the recipe goes from grandmother to granddaughter.


  • Or kilos of flour
  • 250 g of phytin
  • 250 gr fresh butter (Epirus, Corfu etc)
  • 200 g of crystallized sugar
  • 250 g coarsely chopped and roasted almonds
  • 3 vanilla + 1 in powdered sugar (capsules)
  • 1 kg of flour
  • A little flower water


  1. Beat the butter until fluffy on its own.
  2. Then add the sugar, the vanilla 3, the flour, and finally the almond.
  3. Our dough is dry and grated.
  4. Then we take a quantity of dough in our hand and squeeze it in our palm until we create the characteristic "fingers"
  5. Place them in a pan on greaseproof paper and bake them at 180The for about a quarter (depending on how big our cookies are)
  6. Their baking is light in color and when they come out they should have "cracked" so that the icing can enter
  7. When they come out, sprinkle them with flower water, and sprinkle them with powdered sugar that we have mixed in 1 vanilla

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