Petousis Restaurant


Passing from Ammoudara in Heraklion we visited the restaurant Petousis. Heard of course for its excellent counterpart and for the dolmadas but also for many traditional dishes of Cretan cuisine and not only. 

When you enter the store… fine σαι you get lost! after greeting the mascot of the "Petousis" store, you look around. The huge space with corners where you can feel warmer, the fireplace lit up and a little further in there was a playground where parents let their children play safely

What catches your attention is in the middle of the shop next to the kitchen the famous opposite.

Next to a wood oven in which they bake pizzas. At this point they have different cooks and a separate menu to order pizza.

The fire is lit and the aromas are diffused throughout.

The waiters are fast, smiling, willing to serve you and explain any question.

The menu meets all the requirements for difficult and non-customers.

Prices are reasonable, and portions are normal.

The big surprise was the vegan options, for vegetarians and some options for gluten free dishes.

We tried omelette with apaki, ofto which was excellent, dolmadas top, wedding pilaf good, skewers with mizithra simple… wonderful, boiled greens, bulbs, dako filling and at the end raki with our sweet treat.

The one we did not see is the famous crocodile that was at the back of the restaurant. Of course I do not know if I would be happy to see him… Wild animals should live in their environment I believe…

It is generally a restaurant that I would suggest to visit for the delicious cuisine, for the many dishes, for the comfort of space, for the fast and very pleasant service.

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