One of the healthiest foods, oatmeal the humble and yet so nutritious!

What is oatmeal and how is it prepared?

It is made from broken and dehydrated wheat and is very common in the cuisines of the Middle East, India and of course Europe.

Is it nutritious?

It is low in fat and very rich in protein. It has many vitamins such as A, B3, B6 that are necessary for the regulation of metabolism but also for our nervous system. C, D, E that is good for the skin, hair and wound healing. Also along with selenium, they have anti-cancer and antioxidant substances. Also K, but also calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, folic acid. Finally, it is rich in fiber that helps the proper functioning of the intestine, etc.

Where do we find it?

It is available in supermarkets usually in two forms. In the coarse one with which we usually make trahana, and in the finer ground one which has been processed (they pass it through steam, dry it and break it into finely chopped pieces) which is cooked much faster and we use it in salads, pilaf, dolmadas , stuffed, soups.

His History

In Greece, oatmeal was the golden diet of the Ancient Olympians, whose dietary education belonged to the jurisdiction of the pediatrician. The daily diet of the athletes was based on oatmeal with various combinations such as oatmeal with goat's milk or with figs and fruits of the season or vegetables, legumes, for their maximum performance.
So it has rightly returned to our kitchens as a superfood

Uses and recipes

We can have it as a main dish with vegetables (mushrooms, peppers, carrots, etc.) but also as an accompaniment to meat or fish and shellfish. We can also put it in soups and other preparations such as patties, meatballs, etc.
A common salad is tabbouleh and dalia in Indian cuisine which is used as a breakfast with milk and sugar and a little cinnamon.
In South America the famous carnival food is prepared with oatmeal, flower pollen and cassava syrup (tapioca syrup) and then fried in patties.

So a treasure of nutritional value for our body, easy to prepare, delicious, fast and economical!

Main photo:
Bulgur lose, by Johann Jaritz, CC-BY-SA-3.0, Wikimedia commons

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