The potatoe


A product of our country is the potato. Many areas produce potatoes in our country such as Nevrokopi, Thebes, Naxos, Lassithi, Achaia Tripoli etc.

It is a favorite vegetable, in which it can be prepared in many ways (boiled roast, saute, soup, granite, etc.)

Rich in carbohydrates (That's why it creates a feeling of satiety), protein, vitamins C, K, B6, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and manganese.

Ideal for people suffering from Celiac Disease (autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease) because they have a very good source of carbohydrates as it is gluten free and can be included in their diet without fear as a side dish or even as a main ingredient of the meal.

In Greece we grow 3 varieties (Spounta, Lizeta, Marfona) which do not have much difference in taste.

Depending on the area, there is also the potato harvest. We have the spring (which is planted from January to March and the harvest from April to July)

We have the summer potato (Planted in April-June and harvested August to October) and we also have the autumn potato (planted in August to September and the harvest in November to January)

We have the new harvest potatoes which are the smaller, more tender potatoes that have not had time to ripen and their skin has not had time to harden (ideal for roasting with the skin). So be careful when selling a new crop, do not be fooled. They are usually filled with water pressure and look clean and light in color.

The potato due to its difficult cultivation with many diseases and weeds under and above the soil many pesticides are used. For this reason it would be good to prefer organic farming that is safer for us and our children.

So when we choose potatoes, be careful not to have cuts, cuts, sprouts and of course we do not eat potatoes that have turned green because it contains the toxic substance solanine.

We store them in a dark and cool place and we supply a few because as long as they remain they grow.

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