Grilling fish


What should we do when we have a fish and we want to eat it on the grill, without leaving half of it on top, or to dry it completely and without picking it up in portions from the grill ???

First we have to clean it from scales, entrails and gills.

Then wash it well

If we have it in the fridge, it would be good to take it out of the fridge a quarter before baking it.

After drying it with absorbent paper, we have to pass it with olive oil on both sides very well. Then season with salt and pepper.

It is important that our grill should be very well cleaned with a brush, that we have burned it for about 10 minutes, and that we have lubricated it well. If there are leftovers from other foods it will stick.

Place our fish crosswise and slightly sideways on the grill. Also, in order to have a uniform cooking, we make sure that the body of the fish is closer to the fire because it will take more time, and the tail a little further out.

Depending on the size of the fish, we also have fire. Usually moderate to strong.

We turn the fish only once. To see one has made the crust, with the tweezers (we pass it between the gaps made by the grill) and we try to lift our fish with a very gentle and soft movement. If we see that it does not move and creates resistance, we leave a little more. The fish is ready to turn when it has made a light crust and when it does not bring resistance when we go to lift it with the tweezers or the spatula. When we turn it on the other side, the baking time on the other side will be 2-3 minutes less than the first side we baked. This of course has to do with the temperature of the grill and how big our fish is.

After we cook it and on the other side we serve it on a plate, let it "breathe" or "rest" for 2-3 minutes and then add lemon oil, oregano, parsley or whatever you like, and the garnish that we will enjoy.


  • You can marinate your fish an hour before cooking
  • Put a slice of lemon or onion in the opening of the fish. It will hold the edges of the abdomen without drying them



Good luck!!!

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