Baked potatoes


Baked potatoes favorite with plenty of butter and cheese. An accompaniment, where with the ingredients we will include to be turned into a main course. Who would refuse these fries watching a movie or by the fireplace (if we have to put them on the embers) and empty them with a teaspoon slowly taking the aromas from the spices and the creamy taste from the melted cheese?

Let's go see the roasted potatoes, or the jacket potatoes, and with their many versions to choose the one that suits you.


  • 6-8 equal potatoes
  • olive oil
  • Salt-pepper-thyme


We wash our potatoes very well. We pierce them with a fork and after we spread them with olive oil we sprinkle them with salt-pepper-thyme. We cut pieces of foil and wrap our potatoes

Bake them in a preheated oven for about 1 hour (depending on the size of the potato) and try them with a toothpick if they are easily pierced without opening the foil.

While our potatoes are cooking, we make the filling we want to put when they come out or on top.

For jacket potatoes

1. With cream cheese for filling

Place in a bowl light cream cheese, and add 1 tablespoon melted garlic, chopped green red pepper, a little smoked turkey.


2. Village

Place in a bowl grated feta cheese with grated tomato, chopped onion and chopped pepper, and a little oregano.


3. The filling

Place in a bowl sauteed pancetta, along with grated cheddar, thyme, salt and pepper. When we place them in the potato from the top, we break an egg and cook the potato as long as we want the egg yolk to hold.


4. American

In a bowl, mix grated cheese, chopped bacon (sautéed before), ham, red and green peppers, salt and pepper, and break an egg and stir. I stuff my potatoes and bake them for about 10 more minutes.


5. With cheeses

Put 2 spoons of yogurt in a bowl, and grate a piece of feta cheese, a piece of blue cheese, a little chopped dill and plenty of pepper.


We mix our ingredients. As soon as our potatoes come out, we remove them from the foil, we open them slightly from above and with a teaspoon we take the inside of the potato and place it in the bowl with the rest of our ingredients. Then mix very well to homogenize and stuff our potatoes.

Sprinkle with cheddar or gouda cheese and bake again for 5 minutes until the cheese melts and turns brown.


We also have the roasted potatoes that after we take them out we can throw them on top

-butter, salt, pepper, oregano

-Olive oil, grated feta cheese and oregano

-butter, smoked paprika, garlic pepper, grated cheese

-cream cheese, with chopped chives

– tzatziki or cheese salad

-and many more infinite combinations depending on our imagination and the materials available in our kitchen.

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