Special Quality Label of Greek Cuisine


The SPECIAL SEAL OF GREEK CUISINE QUALITY is granted by the Ministry of Tourism, with a special logo and with the indication that the specific company offers a satisfactory level of Greek cuisine in combination with a correspondingly satisfactory level of overall service.

The quality label is optional and is awarded to restaurants who apply and meet the conditions for granting, regardless of funding from European or other programs.

The terms and conditions are set out in T / 4333 / 8-8-2001 Ministerial decision as amended by subsequent ministerial decisions.

The application is submitted to the Ministry of Tourism in the department of quality control and quality standards (12 Vasilissis Amalias Ave. - tel. 2103736001)

It is the only state special mark of quality Greek cuisine and it is proposed that every entrepreneur as well as the company be differentiated for the supply as well as the offer of Greek products.

The inspection is carried out by three-member special collective control bodies, two sharp employees of the Ministry and a representative of the Panhellenic Federation of Greek professional restaurants (POESE).

The mark is granted for three years in the name of the entrepreneur and concerns the specific restaurant or leisure center for which the relevant application was submitted.

If the entrepreneur wishes to renew the quality label of Greek cuisine, he must submit a new application to the ministry two months before the expiration of the third year, accompanied by the same initial application documents.

The audit criteria are divided into mandatory and graded.

The mandatory criteria based on the evaluation guide must be supported by the entrepreneur, and relate to the supply of raw materials, method of preparation, offer, cleanliness. (eg Fresh Greek potato, extra virgin olive oil, Greek feta etc)

The grading criteria concern both the quality of the decoration and furniture building materials, the comfort of the dining area and the offer of local bottled wines.

Its recognition has been combined since 2005 with its implementation with programs subsidy. However, the entrepreneurs who wanted to stand out in the issue of competition, especially in the tourist areas, are renewing the brand until today.

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