Skandia - A restaurant with a long history…


Due to professional obligations I found myself in Kythira, a beautiful island that is really worth exploring and discovering bit by bit.

While touring the island, I learned many things about Kythira. One of them was for the place of present-day Avlemonas where Scandia (Paleopolis in Byzantine times) used to be located, which had taken its name from a kind of helmet.

Scandia was founded before the Trojan War on Isichios and the Myth says that from the sea of Scandia emerged the Aphrodite of Kythera - And that is why today we can find many oils that have the shape of a heart !!!

With such a story how can I not visit the famous restaurant Skandia for the island?

There Mrs. Evanthia welcomed me with Mr. Antonis and their kittens!

Two wonderful people who hugged us and with a smile explained the history of the restaurant.

In 1975 an old vineyard, gives way to start the restaurant. The years passed and this beautiful shop next to the archeological site of Ancient Skandia under the poplars operated with the products of the locals and what the fishermen brought.

It reopened in 2004 and the love, passion and respect for the customer began to be seen and heard beyond the borders of the island.

Mrs. Evanthia presented us some of her wonderful dishes…

Caper salad
Eggplant salad
Skandia kid
Pork with orange and potatoes
Sour with eggplants
Rabbit stew
mixed salad
sweet orange spoon

In the end, she treated us to the traditional invoice that she makes exceptionally for her customers…
We left with the most beautiful images and flavors


Scandia Restaurant

Skandia, Kythira 801 00,
Tel: +30 2736 033700

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