A wonderful green-jewel- island that combines mountain and sea. If you do not want to bother with a boat, you go relaxed and by plane.

The island has many wonderful beaches for bathing, beautiful accommodation to stay, and of course I will dwell on its amazing cuisine. Skyros, precisely because it combines mountain and sea, has a wide variety of traditional foods. Famous is its wild goat, but also the famous lobster spaghetti as well as the crab spaghetti.

The goat is cooked in the oven grilled, or cooked, with various combinations of flavors and garnish (potatoes, spaghetti, etc.), accompanied by local cheeses such as sour cheese (white soft cheese with goat's and sheep's milk), or their gruyere with the spicy taste.

In Skyros in the old days the preservation of gruyere was done in jars, which between the heads of gruyere, put herbs (thyme). They sealed the jar and buried it in the soil until the winter when they took it out during the holidays. 

Precisely because it has developed dairies and livestock, its famous pies would not be missing.

-First we have the oil pie with Skyrian cheese, which you can find everywhere. They offer it as an appetizer, as a snack, even at breakfast. Skyrian oil pie looks like Kimi fried bread. Fried dough with the accompaniment of cheese, -in its salty version- in which they make a hole in the middle, and sweet with honey, or petimezi and thrombi in the dough. (xerotigana)

-Teropitaria or Teroptaria of Skyros. Pies or pies filled with trachana rice and mizithra Skyriani. In an honorable position at the festive table, Christmas and Easter, holidays, but also treats, this pie has the first say. They serve it plain or with honey and cinnamon !!!

-excellent milk pies, trachanopites, and rice pies and pumpkin pies.

Acoustic meatballs are an audible meze. The aghalipokeftedes are made with the anemones of the sea (agalites). The fishermen collected the anemones and after going through a process of beating and stretching (to remove the stones and sand from inside) they chopped and added fresh and dried onion, bread etc and fried them. They were served for meze together with "taftitsa". It is a kind of mushroom that is fried with garlic.

-Delicious handmade pasta, served with mint and mizithra, as well as trachanades (sweet-savory) that we will find integrated in many food preparations with rice replacement (stuffed, soups, dolmadas, etc.)

Apart from the poultry dairies, another development sector of Skyros is the rural one, where its local fava stands out, where of course it is a strong traditional dish.

It also has a tradition in apiaries where its thyme honey is special and the reason for a plant that grows in the mountains is called "asmiria". It has yellow flowers where its honey is with a bright, bright light yellow, with a wonderful aroma and taste.

Skyros has traditional sweets with macaroons, and whatever its honey-based thyme or pine honey is based on, such as the local skyros pastel, the xerotigana as mentioned above were given at baptisms and weddings, spoon sweets, jams, but also baklava.

If you have a destination of Skyros, apart from the wonderful beaches, the landscapes, but also its cute Skyrian ponies, do not forget to taste the local ice cream, sweets, and its traditional wonderful cuisine. Take in your dowry, unprecedented flavors !!!

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