It is prepared in Messinia and Laconia and is a white-yellow cheese, sheep or goat or a mixture of these milk where it has been characterized as PDO.

 The name of the "sphela" (fire cheese as the locals call it) has taken it from the local dialect, where it means strip, from the strips or slices in which you cut in its preparation.

It is similar to feta and has a saltier and more spicy taste, and it matures and keeps in brine. But when it is left out of the brine and matures, you become hard and yellow like kefalotyri.

We can put it in our lives using it in cheese pies or vegetable pies, to accompany meat or vegetables, in meals, raw in salads but also for meze with oil oregano or honey, or with tomato or fig jam or with many other variations .

Here I present it as a simple frying pan (floured with yellow flour, and frying)

A wonderful Greek, Mani cheese that claims a place in your cooking, but also in your heart since it is an incredible tsipouro appetizer.

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